New Center for Research Computing Hardware

The University has recently made a commitment to provide a major investment in research computing. As part of this investment, the University made some funds available for the fiscal year ending on June 2016. These funds have been used to:

  • Expand aggregate storage capacity by an additional 1 petabyte. 50% of this will be dedicated to Health Sciences researchers who have pressing needs for storage and backup.

  • Increase the number of nodes on the high throughput computing (HTC) cluster (dedicated to Health Sciences research).

  • Expand GPU capabilities by adding 24 Titan X and 4 Tesla K40 GPUs.

  • Add a SMP cluster for single node calculations (29 nodes, 12 cores per node). This includes nodes with large memory (~512 GB) and striped SSDs for heavy I/O calculations.

  • Add a 2688 core (96 nodes, 28 cores per node) Intel® Omni-Path interconnect MPI cluster for highly parallel applications.