Galaxy Data Libraries

This page contains directions on how to setup galaxy data libraries and galaxy incoming directory.

  1. After your logged into Galaxy at least once, submit a SAM support ticket online to request your personal galaxy data libraries and your Galaxy incoming directory.

  2. Your galaxy incoming directory is at /mnt/mobydisk/groupshares/galaxy_import_dir/

  3. You can use either command-line or GUI tools like Cyberduck, FileZilla to transfer your data to your galaxy incoming directory. cyberduck examples:



  4. To import data from your galaxy incoming directory to your galaxy data libraries, logon galaxy and click [Shared Data > Data Libraries Beta or Data Libraries].

  5. Choose your data libraries. Click [Add Datasets to Current Folder > from User Directory]. Select files within your galaxy import directory.



  6. To import data from your galaxy data libraries to your galaxy history, choose datasets from your galaxy data libraries and click [Import selected datasets into history]. The datasets will appear in your selected history. Now you can do your analyses.


  7. When you import data from your galaxy incoming directory to your galaxy data libraries, data are copied unless you choose "Link files instead of copying".

  8. When data is inside galaxy, it is never duplicated. This means that importing a dataset from a Data Library to histories, sharing datasets with another user, or making copies of your datasets within your own histories only creates new references to the original file.

  9. Note that your galaxy import directory must only be used to upload data to galaxy. Do NOT use it for storage. Please delete the uploaded datasets in your galaxy import directory once they've been imported into your galaxy data libraries.