Data Deleted on Frank

At approximately 8:00pm last night some 20 TB of data were deleted from various filesystems on Frank. Most of the data loss occurred on the Panasas volume and gscratch2. Files deleted from /home, /home1, and /home2 can be recovered by backups, but the remainder of the data is permanently lost. We are investigating the root cause of the problem, but at this point we do not think there was any kind of malicious attack on the system. All of the data lost were world-readable which means that any user on the system had access. We will work with affected users to prioritize the restoration of reference data, but this serves as a reminder to all to be vigilant about which filesystems you use to store important data and how you set your permissions. We will post information on CORE about how to set permissions for you files as well as umask settings (default file and directory creation permissions) for your login shells. In the meantime, please submit tickets via if you find any data missing from your home directory.