Disk Quotas

Frank has two main storage mounts, home and groupshares, served from our MobyDisk lustre filesystem. Quotas for each mount are maintained independently.

  • Please note that Frank should not be used for long-term storage.


Every user is given a 100 GB quota on home. An emergency backup is maintained for this location, but in the event of a failure of the primary file server, the backup may be several days out of date. Use of local scratch is highly encouraged for jobs that can utilize it.

Group Shares

Users may purchase additional storage space apart from home on the mount called groupshares. The rate is $75 per 500 GB per year. Disk quotas are maintained at the group level allowing a single user to use the entire purchased space if necessary. No backup is maintained on this location and it is to be considered volatile.

  • MobyDisk is expected to be available in early 2015.