Registration: 2015-January Cluster Training Workshop

Here are the presentation slides. A few post-workshop followup (questions/answers) slides are at the end.

The Center for Simulation and Modeling (SaM) is offering the following introductory cluster training workshop. If you have attended a previous training workshop or are comfortable using the cluster, please do not come to this one ... you will be bored. We will be offering a MPI-X Hybrid Programming workshop in late February; more details will be announced in the following weeks.

Prerequisite: An existing user account on Frank.SaM. You can apply for an account here,

Questions? Email Wendy Janocha at : Phone: (412) 648-3094.

  • January 14, 2015 Wednesday (1-3 PM), 266 Chevron: "The Hows and Whats of Using the SaM High Performance Computing Cluster"
  • This hands-on introductory workshop will cover the following topics:

    1. What is and why use high-performance computing
    2. Characteristics of the high-performance computing cluster at Pitt
    3. Various methods of accessing the cluster and transferring data
    4. Relationship between the Linux command line and a point-click GUI
    5. How to modify your default working environment and access installed software
    6. Text editing and hands-on code compilation example
    7. Interacting with the queue and writing a job submission script
    8. Advanced specifications in job submission script
    9. Specifying job dependency and job array
    10. Querying job status and troubleshooting "stuck" jobs
    11. How best to "hunt" for available computing resources
    12. The motivation for generating a scaling plot
    13. Where to go if you have a questions, problems, or complaints