2010-November Cluster Training Workshop

The Center for Simulation and Modeling is proud to announce two one-hour long workshops on Using High Performance Computing (HPC) at Pitt. Please register for one or both of the workshops below.

Using HPC at Pitt Making the Most of HPC at Pitt

**NOTE CHANGE:** Thursday, November 11
12:00pm - 1:00pm
229 Benedum Hall

This workshop is intended primarily for new users of high performance computing (HPC). We will introduce users to the available HPC resources at Pitt and the roles of SAM (Center for Simulation and Modeling) and CSSD (Computing Services and Systems Development) in facilitating HPC. Topics will include :

  1. How to apply for allocations,
  2. How to access HPC resources,
  3. How to run basic simulations on the HPC resources,
  4. Where to find documentation on using the HPC resources,
  5. How to get additional help for your HPC project.

**NOTE CHANGE:** Thursday, November 11
3:00pm - 4:00pm
229 Benedum Hall

This workshop is intended primarily for the more experienced users of high performance computing. Topics to be covered include:

  1. Which HPC resource is appropriate for your application,
  2. How to apply for an allocation,
  3. How to run basic parallel calculations,
  4. Where to go for additional help and advanced support with your HPC project.